Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

A different kind of Walking Tour is born in Málaga

Let our small spanish adventure begin...

We are a two creative heads and happy hearts from Germany, building up our life in Spain, more precisely in beautiful Málaga. One year ago we started revolving our whole world around our project idea, which we gave the name "i cachr" (which by the way already became our word of the year 2016).

After several months of being supported by local programmes like ProMalaga and CADE and our friends and families, we managed to build up our small company step by step and with all the passion we have, to enrich the holiday experiences of Málaga tourists with a new, modern and fun way to explore this wonderful spanish city. 

At the middle of June 2016, we finally where ready to start our first real treasure hunting sightseeing tour in Málaga, knowing that 2016 will be a year full of surprises, wishes, work, sun and happy moments with happy tourists.

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