Montag, 8. August 2016

The first Tours run - we cachr Málaga!

The last few weeks the i cachr Sightseeing Tours in Málaga slowly started to attract the curious holiday makers in Málaga and we were happy to welcome the first people to our special treasure hunting City Tour, making there way through the jungle of Málaga City, treasure hunting, exploring, marveling and just having a good time discovering the must sees and charming hidden spots Málaga has to offer.
It was great to finally see, how much fun it was for the vacationers to explore Málaga with our new kind of Walking Tour in Málaga.

Traveler quote from Germany

"This is a MAGIC compass, the kids walk with it automatically and wonder where it takes them without complaining THAT they are walking trough the city!"

A few words describing the first Tours in Málaga with our travelers

blow bubbles, fun, explore, look behind the scenes, curiosity, treasure, taste, insider tips. sightseeing, magic compass, big eyes of children opening the treasure, positive feedback, a costume for picasso...

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