Samstag, 24. September 2016

The end of summer or a magic dwells in each beginning

This year the i cachr team already endured a cold winter without any heating in the apartement (not accostumed to the cold even though we spent the winters of our lifes snowball fighting in Germany) and a hot summer, we faced with tons of pistachio ice-cream and cold pyjamas from the freezer.

Now Málagas to-hot-to-get-to-sleep-so-you-have-to-go-out-for-a-drink-and-a-TREASURE HUNT - nights cool down to warm and windy end of summer nights.
The Malagueños and the travelers in Málaga enjoy the beautiful light wich immerses the city into a postcard scenery, while autumn is already in the starting blocks, ready to take some leaves to the ground. 

Great rebalanced end of summer climate + Holidays in Málaga = Just perfect for a City Treasure Hunt with i cachr!

Our i cachr Málaga insider for this week

The Recyclo Bike Café Málaga!

Some recycled, old and re-used bikes, furniture and modern local art (also for sale), delicous organic and regional food and coffee, everything very colourful, bright and fun!

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