Montag, 13. Februar 2017

Our Sightseeing Treasure Hunt celebrates its first birthday

Our Málaga Sightseeing Treasure Hunt is now at the tender age of 1 year and the first year was an incredible adventure. One that we look back on without regrets, only lessons and great moments to share. We are here today starting into our second year, hopefully filled with meeting new and inspiring people from all over the world in Málaga (a city we had fallen so much in love with).


In 2015 we, Elizabeth and Matthias had many small past successes after studying outdoor education, social pedagogy, and psychology with lots of delightful years abroad in Málaga, Granada and Valencia. Beyond the academics, we felt, that there was a small idea sown in our heads.

An idea that tastes like an adventure and smells like childhood....
As we loved going geocaching in our free time especially when we traveled places we haven´t been before.

We noticed, that all the short city breaks lacked when it came to discovering this new city in a way, we imagined. Of course, there were the typical free walking tours, where a guide tells the same stories all day long, Segway tours and bicycle tours that make you feel beeing on a giant slalom and the Hop on Hop off buses, that just take you to overcrowded tourist attractions.

And somehow we felt that we have a solution. A seed became a small plant and our idea became a business plan, which was a big challenge regarding that we haven´t studied anything related to business. But we learned that in Málaga, there was a lot of help provided by different European programs and so our plant got more water and slowly grew.

We felt confident that geocaching and looking for hidden clues in a new city is the most fun and greatest thing to really get connected to a city.... Remember the days back to your childhood and warm summer evenings outside scavenger hunting. That was where the magic happened. And our idea makes these days coming back again – Not with a piece of chalk but with pitter-patter hearts and equipped with a modern compass (Thank GPS!)

After working endless days and sleepless nights on our little project, looking for places in Málaga to fall in love with, working with locals to have great insights and approvement to what we are doing, working on each and every part of the sightseeing treasure hunt in Málaga to become the greatest experience travelers in Málaga could imagine.

And then in September 2016 the first traveler group, a traveling family from Berlin joined our tour. Since then every tour became our happy place. Each tour with happy clients is motivating and inspiring at the same time!

This year we hope for our plant that it becomes blossoms and that our little project becomes more than just a dream...


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